Because we know your business !


VARY can be set up with a sale interface only. In this case, Dagico suggests specific modules allowing you to manage your production and to have a good overview of costs.

If you own one or more shops, scanning bar codes allows you to quickly create invoices and/or sales slips.


Vervloet has been the uncontested leader in the ornamental ironwork, for more than 100 years. Door and windows handles, coat hangers, button furnish... everywhere in the world, Vervloet resonates with know-how and quality. Our VARY software programme contributes to their organisation since 2000, for workshop management and invoicing. A specific module allows them to manage their production and their workshops.

PAINT TRADE CENTRE in Neder over Heembeek, as well as GOFFIN in Brussels, are stores selling only paint and related products.
Since 2004 they have worked with VARY. The "fast sales" module allows them to scan purchased items and to quickly generate invoices and sales slips.


Vento in Oudenaerde is specialised in the production of profiles for fanning ducts, in particular drawn components for circular ducts.
It has customers in more than 40 countries. Since 2005, in addition to Vary, VENTO has been working with a specific production module developed by DAGICO.