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Event rental

For rental companies in the event sector, the internal organisation must be flawless. Indeed, their client’s event is unique and no second chance will be offered in case of failure.

This sector is also very active during weekends and requires the preparation of all sorts of equipment for all sorts of customers at the same time.

For this purpose, VARY has developed specific tools making it possible to prepare the rented or sold items by classifying them in several categories: dishes, linen, furniture, consumable goods. The actors taking part in the preparation of the goods thus work more effectively. In addition, at any time, the coordinator can follow up each equipment type for each event.



Customers testify


Managing Director of Banquets-Locations, company specialised in the rental of event-remated equipment

"Sinds the discovering of VARY (1999) it appears to be THE solution to stocks problems. Every single problem that we could have has a solution... It wasn't anymore our customers that have to adapt to our way of working, limited to ou program. VARY adapts to our daily work.

We hadn't any specific knowledge in computer science, we could just drive a car without being a mecanic...

We can also evolve at our own rythm using more and more functionalities available.

We also met a dynamic and available team. Ready to listen and adapt the program to our needs. On top of that, we benefit from their experience in the rental sector.

VARY really helps us to develop our company. I already advised colleagues to use this turnkey solution and happy to do so."


Managing Director of Festarent, company specialised in the rental of event-remated equipment

"Vary is unique because it was developed by people who know our sector. It is therefore perfectly suited to everything that is needed for the efficient management of event-related equipment. That's why we have been using Vary for 12 years."


Managing Director of A&M, Belgium's market leader in table linen hire for the HORECA sector.

"Vary provides first-rate communication between management and operations in our table linen hire company. Thanks to Dagico's ability to listen to its customers and their know-how, we have been able to implement additional applications and thus adapt the software to meet the specific needs of our company and customers. Dagico is now a true partner for our company.."



Vary is being implemented at FEMAT, important West-Flanders event equipment rental company with a subsidiary in Hainaut.
Bet that their slogan "FEMAT dresses up your day" will be magnified when VARY will manage their entire organisational process.


Festarent is one of the Belgian leaders in rental for events. And VARY has been the tool used by Festarent since 1999 for the reservation, booking of material,  delivery as well as for the control of the returns.


All - Loc manufactures, sells, rents and repairs tents of all sorts and sizes.
They have been working with VARY since 1993. A specific tent module meets their particular need. The various mandatory and optional tent components have been defined in the system so that when a customer wants a tent with a specific length, VARY automatically computes the needed quantities and availabilities.