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A unique moment shared by numerous  people. Hence the extreme importance of being successful in the organisation!

Keypoints of VARY for the audiovisual sector:

- Stock management: Have a perfect overview of your available materials.
- HR planning (Skills management, hourly costs, availability of your employees and freelances).
- Transport planning (evaluation of the transport's costs, handle the transferts).
- Manage different projects.
- After-sales service and repairs of your materials.

VARY fulfills your needs in terms of planning.You can now coordinate your technical teams involved.

When preparing your events, specify the number of persons required with specific skill(s) in order to install the material,  animate the event, take care of the lights, sounds, video... and to dismount everything.

VARY will show you who has the skill(s) and is available on the requested dates and time in order to let you chose the person to add.

It is now easy for you to get the best out of each actor’s skills, to plan all the events and to manage the exact costs.


Customers testify


Manager of Son excentrique,

Company specialised in events

 "Initially we hesitated about investing in Vary but we have never regretted making teh investment as it soon proved its worth.

Moving to Vary allowed us to grow our rental turnover as, thanks to Vary, we always know that equipment is available and for how long."

" The functionalities we use most are the management of human resources and the integrated client-specific invoicing facility. We work with a lot of self-employed people. We have created a tab for each one showing his hourly rate and skills. When we are planning an event and we need a sound engineer Vary flags up the people who correspond to thes criteria and are available for the period selects. Vary allow us to calculate the cost of a job."






Son Excentrique is a lights and sound company which runs all kinds of private events. VARY manages their stock, but also their human resources thanks to its skills management module.


Since 2006, VARY has managed resources for Axall, a company which organises events but which also rents and sells sound, light and video material to professionals.


Laser System Europe designs and produces multimedia shows in the framework of major international events. From the price inquiry to the invoicing for their notorious clients, VARY contributes to their success.