Because we know your business !

Vary - Give yourself the right tools



VARY management software is ergonomic and efficient especially for professionals in the rental. Chairs, tents, cranes, aerial lifts, audiovisual equipment ...VARY fits perfectly.

VARY is developed over several years by a team specialized in rental. The functionality, flexibility and ease of use make it a tool deemed necessary for the proper management of your business.

VARY follows your workflow:

  • Customers with multi-contacts and adress.
  • Redaction of proposals, invoices, periodical invoices (price making very customizable).
  • Stock Management (multi-sites & multi-companies).
  • Transport planning (transports costs,...) & dynamic link with PDA.
  • Coordination of the HR planning (skills management, availability, hourly costs,...).
  • Centralization of documents into VARY.
  • Follow up of the payments (and connection with your accountancy system).
  • After-sales services and maintenances of your products.
  • Customer Relationship Management module.
  • Implementation of Barcode and RFID.
  • Advanced reporting (and easy exports).

And much more...


Ours customers like:


  • Stock management
  • Follow-up of hired machines
  • Management of a network of sites with multiple stocks
  • Scan system of incoming articles
  • Fast invoicing integrated by the client
  • HR management
  • Activity-base cost of a customer
  • Our knowledge of your work
  • Exceptionnal communication between management and production
  • Possibility to analyze the cost-effectiveness of each article
  • Statistical tools (overwiew of a shop,...)
  • Complete management system
  • Production management