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Access rights Management

We will tackle the "Access rights management" also called "Point of menu access Management".

You have the possibility to show only a part of the "points of menu" for users (all topics in the menu are "points of menu") or group of users (cfr topic on Management of users and groups for more info regarding the notion of groups).

In order to handle those access, go to the main menu and tick the following icon.

The rights management and widget management screen pops up.
Select the button "Rights management".

In order to forbid access to this screen, untick the box "Menu rights management" in the "record of user" screen by selecting a user in "Bases > system paramters > users"

Select a point of menu in order to see which user has access to the selected point of menu.

ex: Select the point of menu "Statistics"

Has access to the point of menu
Inherit access rights from the group for this point of menu
Doesn't ahve access to the point of menu


The tree icons in the title bar of the tabloid allows you to apply the selected right to ALL the lines of the tabloid.

The red rectangle shows the "Sales representatives" group that doesn't have access to the point of menu "Statistics", users that inherit rights from this group will also not have access to this point of menu (as defined in the group).

So, the user "test1" doesn't have access to the point of menu "Statistics" as he inherit the rights from the group "Sales-L1" that doesn't have access.