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Management of users and groups

In this topic we will tackle:

1. Users and groups rights
2. Modification of the rights
3. Creation of users or groups of users

1. Users and groups rights
VARY let you handle the users' rights, you can customize the access for the read, the modification, the creation of items, customers, files, invoices,...

Go to "Bases > System parameters > users".

By default, this screen shows you all the users and all the groups of users from VARY (a group of user defines the rights for all the users that he contains). 

Group of users

- When you attribute a group to a user, he will take over all the rights from the group(the groups creation will allow you to avoid to rewrite all the rights for every new user).
- Created groups here will also determine the access to the different menus (cfr topic on users access).

2. Modification of the rights

When you select a user in the previous screen you will open the screen "record of a user" that allows you to modify the rights of the selected user.

The tab "Rights - Page 1" and "Rights - Page 2" contains all the rights.
You can add or remove rights by ticking / unticking the rights in the list.

- The button  allows you to add or remove ALL the rights of the selected user.

- The button allows you to "get the rights from the group", handle credits limits and access to other parameters such as changing password or configure your email address and signature.

3. Creation of users or groups of users

Let's go back to the user's screen: ""Bases > System parameters > users".

3.1 Click on "New"
3.2 Chose if you want to create a new user or a new group.

3.2.1 You want to create a user (cfr point 3.2.2 in order to create a new group)
You will arrive on the "record of a user" screen, fill up the following fields except the field "group".

a) If you use groups:
- Select the group you want to include him.
- Click on "others" and "get rights from group" -> All the boxes are now selected and grey (Look out: It doesn't mean that the user has all the rights but that he received correctly the rights from to group mentioned with the logo ).
- Validate the screen 

b) If you don't use groups: Tick the rights you want to attribute to the user and Validate

3.2.2 You create a group
- Fill in the fields "Code" & "Descritpion".
- Select the rights you want to give him.
- Validate